Launch with the lowest prices on the internet using AI.

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Giving you web + app development, bug-smashing, and compliance for the lowest price on the internet.*

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We're the all-in-one solution for startup building

It's easier when your design + development + hosting is under one roof. It's cheaper too!

Enterprise Speeds

We equip all of our apps with Firebase: Google's database.

Top-Notch Security

We leverage corporate lawyers to write your app's Terms & Policy.

Modern Designing

Our design team came from IDEO and Dunclyde. (Pretty premium)

Fast Development

We typically pump out apps within a 2-4 week sprint. Not bad, right?

From your initial idea to launched we cover every step.

That's just one of the perks of having your development and design team all-in-one bubble. There's no need for weeks of email threads between two companies halfway across the world. Time is *definitely* money.

More Features

How we work


Give us your idea, big or small

From a napkin sketch to a fully blown Figma test render, we'll start.


We build with top-notch software

We use enterprise tools to make sure your entire journey is smooth sailing.


Launch your website and/or mobile app

Our goal is to get you from idea to reality within a couple of weeks.

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Bring your app idea to life with industry aficionados

You could totally build an app by yourself, but how great would it be to build one with a whole team of leading professionals? (That would be us by the way. 😉)

Google-based cloud hosting
Design curated for your users
Infrastructure built to move fast

Building in California, deploying globally.

What clients say about us

A few quotes from founders who've teamed up with Ozone.

About Us

Ozone's approach to app development revolutionized our project timelines; we're launching products faster than ever.

Alex Martinez

Partnering with Ozone meant accessing top-tier development skills and insights, propelling our digital transformation.

Andrea Chen

The efficiency and creativity of Ozone's team turned our vision into reality, surpassing our expectations.

Christine Lee

Ozone's seamless integration into our workflow has been a game-changer in our software development process.

Emily Brooks

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We build apps faster and for less.

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