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Starter Plan

14-day turnaround
Best plan for a one-off brand idea.
This includes...
2 Patent Domain Searches
2 Market Saturation Reports
1 Coloring Guideline
1 Iconography Clearance
2 Edit Reviews
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Launch Plan

5-day turnaround
Best plan for multiple iterations of a brand idea.
This includes...
5 Patent Domain Searches
5 Market Saturation Reports
5 Coloring Guidelines
3 Iconography Clearances
5 Edit Reviews
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Enterprise Plan

24-hour turnaround
Best plan for agencies or marketing sprints.
This includes...
Infinite Domain Searches
Infinite Market Saturation Reports
Infinite Coloring Guidelines
Infinite Iconography Clearances
Infinite Edit Reviews
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*All prices are estimates, and not inductive of solid scopes. Ozone commits to providing competitive pricing for our comprehensive suite of software development and publication services. Should you receive a lower written offer from a service provider for comparable services, using similar quality tools and software as utilized in our studio, we will match that pricing. This guarantee is subject to our review of the competing offer to ensure comparability in service scope, project size, software quality, and deliverable timelines. We reserve the right to verify the validity of the competing offer and determine its comparability to our services. This price match guarantee is conditional upon the total package of services and may not apply to piecemeal or individual service components. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Prices and taxes vary by location. All estimates are in USD.

Branding & Design FAQ
Where are the designers on Ozone's team based and what is their expertise?

Ozone's design team is based in Korea, Australia, and California, and specializes in creating stunning graphics and user-centered designs for websites, mobile apps, and more.

Can Ozone's design team assist with creating graphics for app store optimization (ASO) and user interface/user experience (UI/UX)?

Absolutely! Ozone's design team has extensive experience creating graphics for app store optimization (ASO) and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) to maximize engagement and drive results.

How does Ozone ensure quality control for projects and deliverables?

Ozone rigorously enforces quality control standards and consistently delivers high-quality results, making it a trusted partner for all your digital needs. All designs are run through a UI/UX testing identifier.

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