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Our mission? To not just participate in the future, but to write it ourselves—with a dash of groundbreaking AI and machine learning that would make even the coolest tech whiz blush. At Ozone, we’re turning apps into more than just digital tools; we’re making them smart, adaptable sidekicks that grow and evolve right alongside your needs.

About Ozone

The first thing you're wondering about is the name. Don't worry, here's the translation:

noun; a region of Earth's stratosphere that covers the planet against the elements

We picked this name since we're protecting and maintaining your app against bugs, crashes, and scaling - the elements!

Our Team

Meet your technical team

Kelly Rowland
Exec product manager
Jada Smith
regional manager
Betsy Herrera
operations manager
Lucia Correa
Dir. of operations
Gabriel Barajas
Product Engineer
Hector Chim
Product engineer
Dilon Perera
Product engineer
Alex LaTorre
product engineer
ai, development workflow
ai, customer relations
ai, platform stability
ai, security auditing

Our story

From helping with GTM fit to perfecting the brand voice of your product, we want to be there and grow the product with you. We're still backed by the corporate juggernaut Deloitte to give you a platform on the international stage.

Now in 2024, the world of technology and social are certainly forever to be intertwined. It's vital, more than now than ever, to build technology catered to communities. There's isn't such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for tech. If there was, then we'd be living in a world where you'd know everything you'd need to know right when you're born. That just isn't reality.

  • Now is the best time on earth to start something. The second best time was when you first read this sentence.

Everyone is different. You're just as different as a lot of people. Technology that brings people just as different as you together exists already. Think Instagram and TikTok. Sure trends, music, and styles can be coalesced to these platforms. That's where tech reaches its limit. There is so much space to build platforms with niche groups in mind.

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