We at Ozone are excited to unveil a groundbreaking development in our mission to lead the tech industry into a new era of innovation and excellence. We have officially acquired Draftpixel.com and Rehost.app, and have merged with the acclaimed development firm, Hidaku.com.

This strategic move is more than just a business acquisition; it's a fusion of expertise, creativity, and vision. Hidaku.com, known for its outstanding app development and design services, and Rehost.app, a leader in app publishing and maintenance, are now part of the Ozone family. The integration of Draftpixel.com brings an added layer of design excellence to our portfolio.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a one-stop solution for businesses and entrepreneurs. From the initial design phase to development and ongoing maintenance, Ozone is positioned to offer unparalleled services in the tech industry. We believe in breaking down the silos between design, development, and maintenance to offer a cohesive, efficient, and innovative service model.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the tech world. Our clients can look forward to a range of innovative services, backed by a team of experts dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction.

Past Changes

In March 2023, we expanded our capabilities by acquiring Rehost, a move designed to enhance our app management process. Then, in September, we further strengthened our portfolio by acquiring Draftpixel, allowing us to better handle the app design iteration process. This strategic growth is part of our commitment to providing superior services to our clients and ensuring long-term service stability, especially for our enterprise clients. To streamline our operations and reinforce our market position, we are consolidating all three companies into one unified brand: Ozone.

As Ozone, we are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey to transform the tech industry. We have successfully acquired Hidaku.com and Rehost.app, and have also merged with Draftpixel.com, a renowned design firm. This strategic merger creates a formidable force in the technology sector, uniquely positioning us to offer a comprehensive range of services. By seamlessly integrating Design, Development, and Maintenance, Ozone stands as a robust and innovative entity, poised to redefine the technological landscape.

New Changes:

We are excited to announce that Ozone is implementing a system-wide price matching assurance for all our products and services. This new policy ensures that you receive the best possible value, aligning our pricing with the market standards. In addition to this, we are introducing a 5% charge on late invoices specifically related to app building services and the monthly retainer costs for our contract partnership agreements.

Regarding the retainer fees, Ozone, previously known as Apollo, had a standard base charge of $5,000 USD per month for enterprise clients, with an exception for January. In our commitment to flexibility and competitive pricing, we are now offering to price match retainers. If you have an existing retainer with another app development company, we invite you to present your invoice to us. We will review and match their pricing, ensuring that you benefit from our top-tier services at a cost that aligns with your current engagements. This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to provide exceptional value and service to our clients.

About Ozone:

Ozone is a new leading tech company focused on providing integrated solutions in design, development, and maintenance. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we strive to empower businesses with the tools and services they need to succeed in the digital age.

As Ozone, we are thrilled to announce a monumental step in our journey towards revolutionizing the tech industry. We have successfully acquired Hidaku.com and Rehost.app, and have merged with Draftpixel.com, a distinguished design firm. This strategic alliance is set to create a powerhouse in the tech world, seamlessly integrating Design, Development, and Maintenance under one robust entity: Ozone.

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