Testing in Beta

With most apps that can be published to the app store (Apple’s and Google’s) there are certain restrictions that don’t allow certain social apps to be published in Testflight. This is due to restrictions and import laws in the European Union as well as the United States. You can learn more about data use and sharing property here.

Publishing and Downloading

We cover the up-front costs of publishing under our developer branch in Hidaku.

Having apps under our publishing umbrella allows us to provide updates as soon as within 12 hours per request. This is due to Hidaku sharing the same development and publishing license. Our license varies per location, so North America has US1.hidaku.com, and Europe has EU1.hidaku.com and EU2.hidaku.com.

You can request to have your app under your respective developer name, such as “John Doe” or “MyCompany”, though keep in mind that would cause a difference in publication procedures, which would require scoping additional developer time to connect your personal license to every new update to your app.

  • The typical Enterprise Developer license takes roughly 14 days from Apple, and 12 days from Google Console.

Hosting and Security

We cover the first 30 days of development and server coverage. For all of our apps created, we use Google Cloud for our enterprise environment. You can learn more about Google Cloud Enterprise here.

After the initial 30 days, you can either enroll in a subscription plan with Hidaku to cover your monthly database and security fees, or offboard Hidaku in the database and pay for your database individually, and either scope a third-party security software or continue using your app without security protocols.

  • You will need some sort of security software implemented in order to publish to the Apple and Google Play Stores.
  • You will need some sort of security software in order to add new info to your database, including users, messages, posts, etc. Firebase locks your database from being updated within four (4) days of no security software implemented.
  • You will need some sort of security software in order to access your Google Analytics account.


A big benefit when using Google Cloud’s proprietary servers (Which is what we build all of our software on!) is that you can get real-time analytical updates with Google Analytics.

Analytics are hosted to be stored on proprietary Hidaku-Licensed Google Cloud Servers but can be accessed by anyone in the project 24/7.

Updates and Future Development

Requesting additional scoping with new features, servers, collection expansions, and designs is always available! Send an email to scoping@hidaku.com to get started.

Submitting Edit Requests

You can access the editing request form below. The turnaround for this is no later than 48 hours. This does not include publication times, as that is contingent to the speed of Apple and Google's development teams. They typically take anywhere from 12-24 hours during weekdays, and up to 48 hours on the weekend once the edits are submitted.

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